Order of publication

An article comes to consideration by the editorial board within 5-10 days since the moment when it was received by the editorial office via email. In case of positive decision on publication the article is placed in the next issue of the journal.
If some rework is required, the article is sent back to the author with remarks about necessary corrections.

Publication requirements

For publication only copyrighted materials are accepted which correspond to the scope of the “Innovations in agriculture” journal, and were not published previously.
Author’s version in electronic form should be sent to the editorial office.
Two types of articles are accepted:
– review article;
– scientific article.

Review article must contain

Title of the article (in Russian and English languages; Times New Roman font, font size 14, bold, in capital letters; center alignment).
– UDC index (is placed in the beginning of the article on the left)
– Surname, first name, patronymic (in complete form, in Russian and English languages)
– Degree, academic title, other honorary titles (if present)
– Postgraduate/doctoral student with indication of educational institution and department
– Position and place of work, city
– Contact email

Abstract in Russian and English languages (Times New Roman font, font size 12, italic), justified alignment, not less than 200 signs (5 lines). Abstract must represent content of the article in the most complete form. Results and content must be presented adequately in the abstract. It is recommended to avoid common and uninformative phrases.

Key words and phrases used in the article (up to 12 phrases) in Russian and English languages (Times New Roman font, font size 14, italic). Number of words in a key phrase should not be more than three.

Introduction. It is obligatory to indicate subject, tasks and stages of the scientific research in the introduction. It is also desirable to state hypothesis of the authors and means of its verification. It is important to demonstrate that the authors are aware of the research that was conducted by their predecessors in science, and know how new results blend with existing knowledge. That is why in the introduction it is necessary to describe results of the previous works of scientists and achievements they had, things requiring further research, existing alternatives.

Materials and methods. In this subsection of the scientific article it is necessary to describe research methods, procedures, tools etc. in order to make it possible to evaluate and reproduce the research.

Main part of the article must represent detailed description of research process or the sequence of reasonings which led to the resulting theoretical or practical conclusions. In the article it is necessary to specify stages and steps of research, and to substantiate obtained results. Conducted research should be presented in visual form with tables, schemes, graphical models, charts, diagrams etc. Formulas, equations, pictures and tables must (!) have signatures and be referred in the text of the article.

Results and inference. This part states thesis of the main results of the conducted research. Results can be presented either in written form, or in the form of tables, charts, figures and statistical indicators characterizing  basic detected dependencies.

Considerations and conclusions. In this part authors put significance of the scientific research from their subjective point of view. They can interpret obtained results on the basis of their combined experience, basic knowledge, and scientific potential, giving several possible explanations.

Bibliographic links contain bibliographic information which is necessary for identification, search and general characteristic of an important (from author’s point of view) document that is cited, viewed, or mentioned in the article.

Bibliographic list is a list of used paper and internet resources that is formed in accordance with requirements.


In order to introduce your article to our editorial office, please, send it to our email: gnuvieshinfo@ya.ru